Design services

For complete embedded systems, boards, ASICs, ASSPs

Utilising our franchisers products, we can provide the following services to our customers

• Design of complete systems

• Design of boards

• Design of ASICs

Each of these services utilises the advantages of our franchisers products and knowledge.

Software (and associated hardware) Development Services

Using the expertise available at our principals it is possible to gain competitive advantage through cost effective development of requirements such as protocols or interfaces, reducing your time to market and hence aiding you to gain a greater market share (which should lead to greater profit). Please contact us to discuss your requirements further.

Manufacturing Services

The full remit of services from your provision of a design (and associated information) through to finished product delivery can be undertaken on your behalf. This naturally includes component sourcing, the actual assembly of Printed Circuit Boards and "cased" products with the appropriate testing to ensure meeting your product specification. Your goal of quality with a cost effective producer could be achieved with us.

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