About Us


Thinking Silicon Ltd was established in 1995 to support the distribution and representative chain of emerging fabless semiconductor suppliers, software companies using and/or supporting these semiconductors, and industry tools. We are careful in our selection of these companies, so as to ensure the high level of service customers expect.


Our franchisers products are unique, but achieved through their application of existing process technologies and knowledge. They can therefore legitimately be described as leading edge.

Thinking Silicon Ltd. assist their customers throughout the whole product life cycle, from evaluation or concept, through to end of production life, and beyond. This starts with our assistance in the correct choice of solution for your application.

We bring our expertise at every step through the design or development cycle, delivering technical support, reviewing the relevant project milestones for impact on subsequent issues, through testing or prototyping, and on into the application phase.

We act as an extension to both the principal and the customer, presenting to each key details to ensure they remain ahead of their competition.

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