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  • Network Processor / Versatile Communication IC with RISC/DSP Core
  • FLASH Memory Controllers
  • Embedded Software solutions for Networking & Communication for ARM and Hyperstone
  • Artificial Neural Network
  • Forward Error Correction
  • Lossless Data Compression


Network Processor / Versatile Communication IC with RISC/DSP Core

Hyperstone hyNet32 family

The hyNet32 family has the preferred interfaces and required features for network enabling and communications within the embedded applications world. This includes a 10/100 Mbit/s Ethernet MAC, 2 MII's and IEEE 1588. Common 2/3 wire serial buses and UART are included. The performance of the RISC/DSP is 180 MIPS and up to 720 MOPS. Built on a 0.18µm process, the RISC/DSP core (Hyperstone E1 family combined RISC/DSP, see below) runs on 1.8v and I/O 3.3v, giving excellent full speed power consumption performance. Its powersaving features and efficient realization guarentee a highly energy efficient chip.

Either when used with customer developed software, or with the Embedded Software Operating System and Extensions from Smart Network Devices (see further down page), significant gains in terms of cost and time-to-market can be achieved.

Further product information, including development tool details can be gained from our principals web site, links available on our links page.



Hyperstone E1 family
The Hyperstone E1-32 (and E1-16) is a high-performance RISC processor with an additional powerful DSP instruction set and onchip microcontroller functions. The high output is not achieved by raw clock speed alone, but is due to a sophisticated architecture of latency based parallelism of the RISC ALU, Load/Store and DSP, combining the advantages of RISC and DSP technology. It offers a powerful set of variable length instructions. Programs for the Hyperstone E1-32 / E1-16 require less than half the memory size of most RISC microprocessors. Most instructions execute within one clock cycle. The fast multiply unit at high clock frequency makes it one of the fastest CPUs on the market with regard to DSP functionality. For many applications, the Hyperstone E1-32 / E1-16 makes the use of additional DSP chips obsolete. This family (available as IC's, Macro Cell, or IP) had a significant share of the Digital Still Camera market.

Further product information, including development tool details can be gained from our principals web site, links available on our links page.


FLASH Memory Controllers

Hyperstone S2, M2, and F2-16X single-chip Flash memory controllers
Hyperstone's Flash controllers are among the most powerful single-chip controllers on the market for designing ATA based Flash Memory Cards for all the major standards. As the cards have increased in capacity, so it has become more important to provide built-in control functionality, including wear-levelling. The required external component count is reduced to a bare minimum of few passive components enabling the design of very low-cost but high-performance Flash Memory Cards. This family of controllers has a significant share of memory controller market.

Further details can be gained from our principals web site, links available on our links page.


Embedded Software solutions for Networking & Communication

Smart Network Devices main product and services are based around their Operating System software 4NetOS™ / HyNetOS™. This enables customers to embed Internet, Java™, Ethernet, Powerlink, Bluetooth™, and IEE802.11 wireless communication technology with high level application interfaces into their products while needing a minimum amount of time for adaptation. This results in a fast Time-To-Market. Smart Network Devices believe in supporting the whole microprocessor / controller with their Operating System and Software Extensions and therefore work with a limited number of processors. This includes STMicroelectronics SPEAr™ Net (ARM720T) and Hyperstones combined RISC/DSP hyNet32™, & E1 family. Future micros are likely to include STMicroelectronics STR912 (ARM966E-S) and Atmels AT91SAM9260 (ARM926EJ-S). The software is optimized specifically for these hardware platforms to a high degree, thus you can consider embedded hardware and embedded software found in their products as a unit where all components perfectly fit together.

Further product information, including development tool details can be gained from our principals web site, links available on our links page.


Artificial Neural Network IC

Nestor Ni1000 Recognition Accelerator

Working with Intel, and using their silicon technology, Nestor released the WORLD'S FASTEST embedded Neural Network chip in 1994, the Ni1000 Recognition Accelerator. This chip can achieve speeds of 33,000 classifications per second in pattern recognition applications, and is particularly well suited for intelligent, real-time solutions, including robotics, vision, and artificial intelligence. Based on proprietary, patented neural network technology that emulates the information processing principles of the brain, the Ni1000 is an adaptive IC that learn by example.

Published applications to date include:

  • Character Recognition for reading Hand Print and Document Management
  • Mail Sorting by Alpha-Numeric Post Codes
  • Traffic Management
  • Quality Assurance in Manufacturing Processes
  • Fingerprint Matching for Police and Security work


Forward Error Correction IC's and Lossless Data Compression IC's

(Comtech) Advanced Hardware Architectures (AHA), a past franchisor, are a fabless company, and lead in these technologies. There is a link to their web site on our Links page.


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